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Hello, Do you ever hire musical groups? if yes can I email you about our group? (your email address please)

Hi .. here are the answers to your questions. Have a good day

Is there a location to dock or beach small 16' boat for the day?

Yes, after the lock there's a boat ramp.

is there a bike path nearby?

Your best bet would be to leave Maple Street. Who is at the beginning of McGill University / MacDonald College. The bike path starts from the. More for tourism than speed. There are also many people on this trail that is shareable: Pedestrians and cyclists.

When does this place open and close?

More activities in the summer time

Up until what time is one allowed to take a dog for a walk on the boardwalk???

I saw people walking their dogs around midnight so I'm thinking you can go whenever.

Is the promenade open today

Yes always open

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